VR shop created and produced by STUDIO55

CAMPAL JAPAN Co., Ltd., which operates the outdoor brand 'ogawa', has created a VR shop. STUDIO55 produced the VR shop.

This initiative is the first case study involving The Chiba Kogyo Bank,Ltd. (President: Hitoshi Umeda) and The Chiba Kogin Computer Soft Co.,Ltd.(President: Kazuto Matsui).

The VR shop fully recreates the GRAND Lodge Kodaira store on the web by filming the actual store using Matterport and embedding more than 100 links, allowing consumers to experience shopping in a virtual space without having to visit the actual store. As well as showing what the shop looks like from the inside, the site also offers the convenience of a website, with video clips showing how to set up the tents on display and the ability to buy products online on the spot.

VR Shop URL:https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=p7qhaPycLq1&lang=jp


STUDIO55 will continue to provide tools to facilitate DX in the construction and real estate market,We will continue to provide more efficient and effective presentation and design support 'visualisation of design data'.