Sustainable Development Goals

We agree that actualizing a sustainable society is a universal challenge that the entire world must address.
We have established the following goals as an initial step in actualizing these goals.


Out of the 17 goals of SDGs, we will start the process of achieving and fulfilling 8 (1,3,4,8,9,10,12,17) of them by 2030.

"We, STUDIO55, have been working on various issues and OFFSHORE exchanges by participating in these 7 SDGs, through "awareness," "thoughtfulness," and "action."

Let's End Poverty.

We will support economic independence by providing digital assistance to developing countries through our offshore production and promoting local hiring of human resources.

Health and welfare for all.

We will engage in health and welfare activities in China, Vietnam, and Myanmar through Japanese-style health care for employees of our overseas subsidiaries.

Quality education for all

Promote Japanese language and digital technology education to develop cross-border talent through our offshore production work.

Job satisfaction and economic growth

We will maximize all the appeal of our multinational human resources, who are our company's assets, and build an environment where everyone can have a rewarding job, while also contributing to the development of their home countries.

Let's Build a foundation for industry and technological innovation.

Build infrastructure and expand digital innovation in Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Bolivia, Thailand, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Let's eliminate inequality among people and countries.

As of 2022, our Japanese headquarters and overseas offices have employees from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Bolivia. We respect the diversity of our employees and will establish a corporate culture that provides equal opportunities for all to make the most of their abilities without being influenced by race, religion, or other attributes.

Responsibility for Creation and Consumption

CG and VR technologies use digital technology, enabling visualization and verification of images. By maximizing IT, we aim to reduce wasteful use of resources and materials and realize a sustainable society that is harmonious with the environment.

Let's achieve our goals through partnership!

We will join hands with overseas offshore companies to build a sustainable ecosystem that unites economic and market power, technology and production by maintaining and developing a production network.

We will continue to develop our business to achieve both business growth and SDGs goals.
We look forward to your continued patronage and support.

May, 2019