Production Flow




First of all, please feel free to contact us by e-mail on this website.



Meetings and Hearings

Face to face meetings as well as
Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, etc...
We recommend that busy customers use Order GO!
Order GO! is equipped with Zoom.




We will make a proposal that strikes a balance between price, speed, and quality.




Please place your order after reviewing our quotation.



Customer checks

(1) Camera check (2) First colored draft (3) Second colored draft check (4) Delivery
The above is the normal flow, but the number of checks can be increased or decreased according to your request.




We ask the client to make a final check of the completed deliverables, and once the client is satisfied with the work, it will be delivered.



Presentation for clients, consensus building, and Advertisement development

Please make use of this service for competition, client meetings, and commercial development.
STUDIO55 will do our best to assist you with your presentation.


Frequently Asked Questions


Ordering Information

Please feel free to contact us first

Of course it is possible. However, we would appreciate it if you can discuss and coordinate with our sales staff first, as we have a very busy schedule.

Please see our「"Performance" 」page.Some of our projects are under confidentiality agreements, so only a portion of our work is available to the public."

We are sorry, we do not handle hand-drawn perspectives. However, it is possible for us to create a hand-drawn design, so please contact us first.

If you can provide us with 2D floor plans, elevations, development drawings, and material images, it will help us shorten the time required to create the perspective. Of course, we can also work with you even if you do not have all the necessary materials. We will produce the design you want based on the hearing.


About the process from order placement to delivery

We can meet via web meetings such as zoom, google meet, webex, teams, etc.

We can deliver the data in a format that meets your requirements. Please let us know your preferred format and purpose of use when you place your order.

Yes, of course. We ask that you check the shape, color, material, etc. during the work in progress

Basically, we will adjust our schedule according to the customer's deadline.
As a rule of thumb, if you order one or two exterior shots of a detached house, we can provide you with the first draft within 3-5 days of placing the order. From there, we will check back and make revisions, and the average time from order to final delivery is about one week.


Payment terms

As a general rule, we ask you to pay by wire transfer, but please contact us if you have a preferred payment method. 。

Please let us know your preferred payment terms We will cooperate as much as possible to meet your request.